Celebrating the Journey of the 4th Day, Together in Faith and Fellowship


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  • Secuela is a community gathering and time of fellowship for the Sabine Creek Tres Dias (SCTD) Community.
  • It is to strengthen connections, practice 4th Day Reunion Groups, share experiences, and introduce others to the SCTD community.
  • It usually includes potluck meals, praise and worship, a talk, and opportunities to serve.
  • It is open to all family, friends, and those who haven’t attended a weekend are welcome

Secuela, meaning “sequel” in Spanish, is a vital community gathering for the Sabine Creek Tres Dias (SCTD) family. It serves as a continuation of the Tres Dias weekend experience, providing an opportunity for members to come together, strengthen connections, and practice their 4th Day Reunion Groups in a supportive and welcoming environment.

The Secuela typically begins with a delicious potluck meal, followed by a service that includes music, worship, prayers, a Fourth Day talk, devotional, and communion. Each event is a celebration of the impact that the Tres Dias weekend has had on individuals’ lives, fostering personal growth and spiritual development.

One of the unique aspects of the SCTD Secuela is that it is open to everyone—family, friends, and even those who haven’t attended a Tres Dias weekend. This inclusivity allows for the introduction of new people to the SCTD community, creating a welcoming atmosphere for potential future attendees.

In addition to fostering community connections, Secuelas also serve as an opportunity for members to express their interest in serving on upcoming Tres Dias teams. By participating in these events, you are not only deepening your own faith but also contributing to the growth and enrichment of the SCTD family as a whole.

Join us at our next Secuela to experience the warmth, love, and unity that define the Sabine Creek Tres Dias community.