Attend a Weekend

Attending a Weekend Begins with

A Desire to Grow Deeper

Attending a Tres Dias weekend begins with a desire to grow deeper in your current relationship with Christ. In order to attend a weekend, all candidates must be sponsored by someone that has completed a Tres Dias weekend (or similar renewal weekend). Prayerful consideration by both you and your sponsor are an important first step in discerning God’s will for your attendance. Please note by SCTD tradition, if you are a married candidate, we highly recommend the husband attend the men’s weekend first before the wife as the gap between weekends can prove to be difficult for some couples. 

your own personal appointment with your Lord and Savior

What happens at Tres Dias?

What Happens After Tres Dias?

Are You Ready to Attend Tres Dias?

Its a weekend set apart for you!

What to Expect on the Weekend

Your Tres Dias weekend will be filled with great talks, lots of food, funny skits, and an incredible encounter with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Your weekend will begin with check-in between 4:30 – 7:00 on Thursday evening.  Your sponsor generally brings you to camp and stays for a send-off fellowship dinner where you will have an opportunity to meet your fellow candidates and members of the team who will be serving you on the weekend.  Your sponsor will leave the camp after send-off meal and you will begin an incredible weekend reuniting with Jesus Christ and His servants!

Your sponsor will arrive to pick you up at the end of the weekend around 5:00 Sunday.

Ready to attend?

Get Started

There are a few steps to getting signed up for a weekend

1. Application

All candidates must have an application submitted. This can be completed by the candidate or the candidate's sponsor. The application process is a simple form the candidate or the candidate's sponsor can complete.

2. Pay Fees

A minimum $50.00 deposit must be submitted either by the candidate or their sponsor to register for the weekend as we do have a limited number of spots available each weekend. Please discuss with your sponsor who will be covering your fees of $190 prior to paying

3. Receive Confirmation

All applications must be reviewed by the weekend committee and approved. Submission of the application and payment of fees does not guarantee a slot has been assigned or the application is approved

Upcoming Weekends

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