A New Opportunity to Spread God’s Love:

Sponsorship Of The Fields Of Faith TD Community In Iowa!

Sabine Creek Tres Dias have been presented with a unique opportunity to be a part of extending the Tres Dias ministry. The budding Fields of Faith Tres Dias Community in Indianola, Iowa, has requested our sponsorship and mentorship, inviting us to guide the birth of a new community!

This isn’t simply an invitation to extend our help; it’s a call to actively be a part of a faith-filled adventure that involves serving in a brand-new community. Imagine the thrill of driving through picturesque landscapes, the camaraderie of a 10.5 hour road trip brings, the memorable moments and the joy of seeing a new Tres Dias community come alive in Iowa.

We’re seeking to gauge the interest and level of support our amazing SCTD community can bring to this endeavor. With the first weekend slated for October 2024, we’re not just asking for your interest, but inviting you to make a lasting impact – to be integral founders of the first Tres Dias community in Iowa.

This is an opportunity for Sabine Creek to serve as spiritual parents to the Iowa Fields of Faith, to mentor, guide, and direct them in a way that we would be proud to call them one of our stand-up communities. Whether you just came off of a weekend or have been a part of Sabine Creek Tres Dias for many years, all are welcome.

Show your interest today and be part of this life-changing, faith-deepening adventure. Lets bring Tres Dias to more people and foster spiritual growth across regions.

Remember, any support, no matter how small it seems, can contribute significantly to the establishment of the Fields of Faith Tres Dias Community

  1. Prayer Support: Commit to regularly praying for the budding community, the preparation for their first weekend, and the individuals who will attend.
  2. Financial Sponsorship: Make a donation to help cover the costs associated with starting a new community, from weekend items to travel expenses.
  3. In-Person Participation: Volunteer to serve on the team during the first Tres Dias weekend in Iowa in October 2024. Whether it’s being a team member or providing support in any other necessary capacity, your presence can make a significant difference.
  4. Candidate Sponsorship: Consider sponsoring a candidate from Iowa to attend the first weekend.
  5. Travel Sponsorship: Support Sabine Creek team members’ travel to and from Iowa, helping to alleviate the costs associated with their commitment to serve.
  6. Lodging Assistance: If you have connections in the Iowa or Missouri area that can provide lodging for traveling team members, this would be of great help.
  7. Palanca Gifts: Craft or purchase Palanca gifts for the attendees of the first weekend. These acts of love and sacrifice can greatly impact the candidates’ experiences.

Let us know your level of support by clicking the button below. .

Even if its “not interested/cant” We need to gauge the community’s level of interest in supporting this sponsorship.

Helpful information:

  • First weekend October 2024, Indianola IOWA
  • Approximant team fee cost-$220
  • We can move a team meeting to southern Missouri or Kansas where the travel time is reduced by half if needed
  • Meetings by Zoom possible
  • Indianola is a ~10.5 hour drive from DFW
  • We have found that carpooling is effective and most cost friendly – 5 people per minivan ( see airline cost)
  • Closest airport is Des Moines, IA which is approximately 20 Min from campground
  • Single person round trip AA tickets from DFW to DSM are $350-400 round trip.
  • Kansas City airport would be 2.5 hours away, but usually much cheaper than Des Moines $170-200 per ticket.


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